Athens Construction maintains a daily employee presence in each active construction site. Access to the construction site is controlled through our employees; subcontractors are not left alone on the site without our employee presence. Our project managers spend a considerable part of their daily task in the field thus providing direct supervision to the entire field personnel. In each project we assign a qualified project superintendent who oversees the field operation from the pre-construction stage through the project close up time.

Subcontracted trades include excavation, concrete, masonry, roofing and MEP trades. Subcontractors are very closely monitored and guided by our superintendents who are responsible to ensure that our specialty trades’ expertise not only adds value but that the project moves ahead timely and efficiently. Project deadlines are taken seriously and set completion targets are our priority to meet. The majority of the subcontractor trades have a long-term relation with the firm and work in close cooperation and communication with Athens Construction.

We are a hands-on operation. We maintain tight control of the construction process from layout tasks and trade coordination to ordering and procuring all specialty items such as plumbing and electrical fixtures, cabinetry and millwork, floors and wall coverings, finish hardware and all decorative products.

We achieve tight control and efficiency by holding weekly meetings with the participation and contribution of lead personnel of all departments and through the daily communication and updating of the management team. It is our practice in the advanced stages of our projects to conduct field meetings on a weekly basis with the participation of the owner or the owner’s representative and the architect and/or design professional.

A major characteristic of the way we do business is our follow up and extensive service of our projects long after they are completed and occupied. Every project that carries our name is backed up with our commitment to serve it typically for periods of time extending beyond the one year warranty applicable in the industry. Warranty programs are available and performed by our specialty crews and our technicians who are involved in the project in the systems installation stage. Their familiarity with the systems and site conditions ensures quick trouble shooting and problem rectification thus minimizing down time and inconvenience to the user.

Over the years Athens Construction has successfully completed construction projects of the following types:

  • High end residential – single family custom homes
  • Multi-family residential structures
  • Landmark restoration projects
  • Commercial, retail and food service establishments
  • Institutional
  • Healthcare

The bulk of our workload comes from new high end residential projects as well as residential renovations. All projects are equally considered regardless of size or type. We are challenged by the uniqueness of each project in design and other unique aspects and in the introduction of innovative materials and methods. We rely on our solid base in performing our work independently but we are strong team players also. Athens Construction has a reputation of working very closely with the client, its architects and designers from start to finish to ensure that goals are not simply met but exceeded.

The company’s own workforce normally performs tasks such as general labor, carpentry, metal work, stone work and interior finishes. Our team of employees is both diverse and versatile in terms of skill and craftsmanship ability. We take pride in the skill, quality, level and execution of detail of complex assignments by our craftsmen, who specialize in the above areas. However we do not undervalue the contribution of our core personnel who is entrusted to keeping our work sites neat thus setting the standard of a clean operation and creating automatically a higher expectation of quality. Quality is perceived by us as a process. Although appearance and function are inherent to quality of the finished product our supervision and quality control is consistently applied to all steps of shaping and building our product. In addition we believe that we owe our exceptional safety and property protection record to a great degree in the neat manner we maintain our project sites.